The recent Coldplay concert in Bangkok, part of the Music Of The Spheres World Tour, left an enduring impact on Thai fans. Held at the prestigious Rajamangala Stadium, the event drew massive crowds eager to witness the globally renowned band’s live performance. Despite the overall excitement, the experience was marred by some attendees due to the pervasive smell of cannabis.

Among those affected was artist Copter Panuwat, who took to social media to express dissatisfaction and advocate for more stringent control over public cannabis consumption. His concerns resonated widely, with many on social media agreeing that while cannabis use may be trendy for some, it poses a nuisance and health hazard to others.

Copter highlighted the lack of consideration from fellow concert-goers engaging in recreational cannabis use, even in higher tiers of the stadium seating. This issue sparked a broader conversation about the implications of Thailand’s relatively new and liberal approach to cannabis. Copter pointed out the inescapable odor even in higher seating areas, detracting from the immersive concert experience.

His frustration extended beyond individual behavior to what he perceived as a societal shift in Thailand. He questioned the lack of enforcement of public consumption laws and raised concerns about the country’s reputation potentially becoming a destination for those seeking unrestricted cannabis consumption. Copter directed his critique to authorities, urging Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and Minister of Public Health Cholnan Srikaew to address the issue.

The social media response was substantial, with users expressing discomfort with the normalization of cannabis in public spaces. They highlighted contradictions in security measures, where personal items like water bottles are restricted while cannabis and electronic cigarettes seem to pass through checks unnoticed.

In related news, Thailand’s parliament debated a controversial cannabis bill, raising penalties for unlicensed activities. Criticism emerged over restrictions on home-grown use, sparking discussions on the distinction between medical and recreational cannabis. Read more: Thailand cannabis regulations and penalties.

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