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Coldplay Concert Raises Concerns Over Cannabis Use in Thailand

coldplay in bangkok thailand cannabis
Photo: coldplay (Instagram)

The recent Coldplay concert in Bangkok, part of the Music Of The Spheres World Tour, left an enduring impact on Thai fans. Held at the prestigious Rajamangala Stadium, the event drew massive crowds eager to witness the globally renowned band’s live performance. Despite the overall excitement, the experience was marred by some attendees due to the pervasive smell of cannabis.

Among those affected was artist Copter Panuwat, who took to social media to express dissatisfaction and advocate for more stringent control over public cannabis consumption. His concerns resonated widely, with many on social media agreeing that while cannabis use may be trendy for some, it poses a nuisance and health hazard to others.

Copter highlighted the lack of consideration from fellow concert-goers engaging in recreational cannabis use, even in higher tiers of the stadium seating. This issue sparked a broader conversation about the implications of Thailand’s relatively new and liberal approach to cannabis. Copter pointed out the inescapable odor even in higher seating areas, detracting from the immersive concert experience.

His frustration extended beyond individual behavior to what he perceived as a societal shift in Thailand. He questioned the lack of enforcement of public consumption laws and raised concerns about the country’s reputation potentially becoming a destination for those seeking unrestricted cannabis consumption. Copter directed his critique to authorities, urging Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and Minister of Public Health Cholnan Srikaew to address the issue.

The social media response was substantial, with users expressing discomfort with the normalization of cannabis in public spaces. They highlighted contradictions in security measures, where personal items like water bottles are restricted while cannabis and electronic cigarettes seem to pass through checks unnoticed.

In related news, Thailand’s parliament debated a controversial cannabis bill, raising penalties for unlicensed activities. Criticism emerged over restrictions on home-grown use, sparking discussions on the distinction between medical and recreational cannabis. Read more: Thailand cannabis regulations and penalties.

Thai cannabis bill raises concerns about punishment and limits

Photo: Somchai Poomlard

Currently, the Thai parliament is reviewing a controversial cannabis bill. The reviewed bill that doubles penalties and introduces jail terms for those found cultivating, selling, or importing the drug without licenses has attracted much debate. Apart from that, the bill also proposes fines for engaging in the recreational smoking of marijuana drugs even when one is at their home. Such a clause attracted much criticism as Chokwan Kitty Chopaka, a businesswoman, and supporter of cannabis legalization made her concerns known.

“The whole discussion about medical and recreational, it’s too black and white,” she says in episode four of the Deeper Dive series, a podcast by the Bangkok Post.

“Say if I have a joint — I smoke about an inch of it, and it helps my migraine. I can now sit and work for another two, or three hours reading documents and researching, but the second inch of that joint — because I no longer have the migraine, I am now happy. Does that mean that’s recreational? So it’s never really black or white. We should also be able to grow what we use in our household,” she argued.

Chokwan expressed disapproval saying, “This new bill does not allow for home-grown, does not allow for home use of the home-grown. If you grow, you need to sell. If you want to use it, you need to buy it. So it shows the amount of rights that they are trying to remove from us.”

Photo: Deeper Dive

Frustration Over Difficulty in Reporting Unlicensed Activities

On the alleged surge of complaints about smoking cannabis, she vented frustrations about the lack of a clear reporting mechanism.

“I could not find a f****** phone number to call to make a complaint. We even had meetings with the health department. It is so hard to even get someone on the other end of the phone to ask any questions or tell them, ‘Hey, there is an unlicensed shop selling in front of a school’ or something like that, there is no way for you to make complaints. I would also like to make those complaints!”

Chokwan believes legislation is needed to help regulate bad actors to safeguard the financial interests of investors. With the Thai Chamber of Commerce pegging the value of the cannabis industry by 2025 at 43 billion baht, a new law is very necessary to provide investors with assurances. She’s also dismissed concerns the new law is aimed to dismantle the industry stating it’s already too deeply ingrained in Thai society.

“You can drive down the expressway, and you seem like Doctor CBD or CBD water,” she assured. “You go to 7-Eleven, you see cannabis water … it has slowly integrated into Thailand … no different than like, say, alcohol or sweets or like snacks”

She added the bill is a representative of a power struggle and will represent which government departments will be in control of the cannabis industry for the next five years. “It’s not about cannabis, it’s about political positioning … more like a pawn that they can use of kind of exchange or move around,” she said.

Potential Enforcement of Recreational Smoking Ban

To many, the most vital question is whether the ban on recreational smoking and the associated 60,000-baht fine will be enforced. “At least there’s no criminal charges,” Chokwan added. “I would say that it’s more of a deterrent, which equals more shakedowns.”

She also added that she doesn’t expect a big rise in police raids on private homes.

“The press … will go, ‘You can’t use it recreationally.’ This doesn’t mean that you will stop people from using it. But at least they will go away from other people so that they don’t get caught … not bothering anyone. So it’s not like arrests are going to increase, or it will be any different than before legalization. We just have to kind of find our way around those rules that come in,” she concluded.

Check out our guide to responsible cannabis consumption in Thailand.

Navigating Suvarnabhumi Airport and Arriving in Bangkok: A Comprehensive Guide

bangkok travel guide
Photo: Kylle Pangan (Unsplash)

Welcome to Suvarnabhumi Airport, the largest airport in Thailand and one of the busiest in Southeast Asia. As a major hub for both domestic and international travel, Suvarnabhumi Airport serves over 65 million passengers each year. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information to navigate the airport and ensure a smooth arrival in Bangkok.

Airport Layout

bangkok travel guide
Photo: Ruben Sukatendel (Unsplash)

Suvarnabhumi Airport is a modern, four-level building that houses all arrivals and departures. The first level is dedicated to transportation options to and from the city, while the second level is for arrivals. Level three is a general-purpose floor with restaurants and meeting areas, and level four is for departures.

Getting Cash

bangkok travel guide
Photo: Abiwin Krisna (Unsplash)

As soon as you arrive at the second level, you will find numerous money exchange shops. However, for better exchange rates, consider using an ATM. Most worldwide ATM cards work at ATMs in Thailand, and the exchange rate is usually more favorable than money exchange shops. Keep in mind that ATMs charge a transaction fee, so it’s best to withdraw larger amounts to minimize costs.

Getting a SIM Card

bangkok travel guide
Photo: Thailand e-Sim

Staying connected is essential, and Suvarnabhumi Airport offers three main internet provider options: DTAC, True, and AIS. You can purchase a SIM card for 8, 15, or 30 days, with both 4G and 5G options available. Packages range from 299 to 1699 Thai Baht, depending on the provider and plan.

Transportation Options


bangkok travel guide
Photo: Tsion Chudnovsky (Unsplash)

Taxis are a convenient way to reach your destination, and Suvarnabhumi Airport has a designated taxi queue on the first level. To get a taxi, take a ticket from the machine, which will assign you a lane number. Taxis charge based on the meter, and you may be asked to pay for tolls along the way.

Airport Rail Link

bangkok travel guide
Photo: Bangkok Airport Online

For a more affordable option, consider using the Airport Rail Link. The Bee Floor, located in the basement, offers trains to the city center for as low as 35 Thai Baht. The trains run from 6:00 AM to midnight and stop at seven stations, including Makkasan, where you can transfer to the MRT subway system.


bangkok travel guide
Photo: Bua Airport Express

Buses are also available at Suvarnabhumi Airport, providing transportation to popular destinations such as Pattaya, Hua Hin, Koh Chang, and Koh Samet.

Arriving in Bangkok

Photo: ThaimaaOpas (Unsplash)

Bangkok is a bustling city with a variety of transportation options. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Bangkok Skytrain (BTS) are efficient ways to navigate the city, while taxis, motorbike taxis, and canal boats offer unique experiences.

When using public transportation, consider purchasing a stored-value card, such as the Rabbit Card for the BTS or the MRT card for the subway system. These cards can be topped up and provide a more convenient and cost-effective way to travel.

Health Insurance

Photo: kevin Baquerizo (Unsplash)

Thailand requires health insurance for all visitors. SafetyWing offers affordable and flexible health insurance plans for travelers, with coverage starting at just a few dollars per day. With SafetyWing, you can sign up and receive instant coverage, even if your trip is already underway.

Navigating Suvarnabhumi Airport and arriving in Bangkok can be an exciting and stress-free experience with the right information. By understanding the airport layout, securing cash, obtaining a SIM card, and choosing the best transportation option, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying all that Bangkok has to offer. Don’t forget to protect yourself with health insurance, and consider SafetyWing for your travel needs. Stay informed with BkkClub’s guide to the city of Bangkok!

Spending 24 Hours Eating at 7-Eleven Thailand

Photo: Ruby Khoesial (Unsplash)

24 Hours of Eating at 7-Eleven Thailand: A Very Unique Lifestyle Experience
There is one unique lifestyle experience that people from all walks of life in Bangkok, Thailand should expect when they visit the 7-Eleven. While 7-Eleven America has an absence of products, 7-Eleven Thailand offers a variety of foods, munchies, and drinks that could stimulate your taste buds. This article somehow mimics a virtual roller coaster ride as it sends you to a 24-hour spree wherein eating is done at 7-Eleven Thailand.

24 Hours of Eating at 7-Eleven Thailand

Buffet for Breakfast

7-Eleven Thailand
Photo: 7-Eleven Thailand

The adventure starts from breakfast at the favorite 7-Eleven shop close by. All types of breakfast are available from ham and cheese toasty, sausage cheese croissant and pandan sandwiches. Especially for your pandan sandwich that accentuates one’s taste buds – you take the first bite and your taste bud awakens. Have your iced Americano at hand, and good to go.

Lunchtime Feast

7-Eleven Thailand
Photo: 7-Eleven Thailand

Continue driving to the next 7-Eleven on along the road, which has a better food selection. Have their famous pad cow por with curry paste for lunch. It stir-fried pork and basil topped with an egg. It’s very tasty and hot, for a lunch of a sunny day. Another dish to savor is their home-style grilled pork skewers served with peanut sauce.

Dinner Delight

Photo: 7-Eleven Thailand

The meal eaten in the evening. You may also visit another 7-Eleven store situated to that offers a wide array classifications of burger, variants of rice meals, and menu of pastries. The double cheese pork burger is a wonderfully juicy, delightful, superb, and delicious burger in which it is absolutely perfect and best experience for your journey towards the best experience on a burger. Pair it with a yogurt drink or a Thai custard pudding for dessert.

Midnight Snacks

7-Eleven Thailand
Photo: 7-Eleven Thailand

If you still wake and hungry in the middle of the night, 7-Eleven Thailand is for you. You won’t find exactly your hungry stomach’s desire but they offer midnight snacks like ramen, onigiri, and sandwich. Hormel Compleats microwaveable meals were also popular, and you can heat up the ramen because each store has a hot water dispenser.

Why 7-Eleven Thailand is a Must-Visit

7-Eleven Thailand
Photo: 7-Eleven Thailand

What makes 7-Eleven in Thailand different is the fact that its lifestyle experience is almost incomparable to any other across the universe. It has a line of oddly delicious snacks, meals, and beverages as though to compensate for this lifestyle experience gap. Most of the family stores open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year allowing the locals as well as the visitors access them at whatever time of the day or night.

Tips to Enjoy Eating in 7-Eleven Thailand

  • So here are some tips to enjoy eating at your eating spree in 7-Eleven Thailand:
  • Try to dine in different 7-Eleven stores as their choice of foods usually varies from one branch to another.
  • Beware of their local foods consisting of pad cow por with curry paste and pork skewers.
  • Don’t be a black sheep when it comes to their special snacks and drinks.
  • Use the hot water dispenser for ramen and other dishes.
  • You may bring your own reusable containers and cutleries to reduce waste.

In short, eating 24 hours only in 7-Eleven Thailand is a special lifestyle experience you should not miss. From its huge varieties of meals, snacks, and drinks, you will never feel bored at all. So, the next time you’re in Bangkok, make sure to include 7-Eleven Thailand in your itinerary. Don’t miss our guide to the top breakfast restaurants in Bangkok.

2024 Business Trends: Sustainability, Digitalization, and Emerging Ventures

Top Searched Destinations Thailand
Photo: iStock

The year 2024 forecasts a shift in business trends, with virtual banking, sustainability, lifestyle trends, digital fast food, tourism soft power, high-end property, electric vehicles (EVs), healthcare, and bio-, circular and green (BCG) manufacturing taking centre stage.

2024 Business Trends

Virtual Banking

2024 Business Trends
Photo: rupixen (Unsplash)

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the financial sphere is embracing a revolutionary change – virtual banking is set to launch as a prominent business movement in the year 2024. The Bank of Thailand is steering this shift, having completed the setup of licensing regulations and eagerly awaiting the green light from the Finance Ministry. When this progress comes to fruition, we can anticipate seeing license applications rolling out in the year 2024, paving the way for virtual banking operations to come alive by 2025. These first three virtual bank licenses are geared towards meeting the needs of the vast pool of customers, paying particular attention to the unserved and underserved, including the retail sector and small to medium-sized enterprises.


2024 Business Trends
Photo: iStock

The concept of sustainability is no longer a mere buzzword; it has embedded itself firmly across all sectors of commerce. The impetus provided by the global pandemic, twinned with economic trials, has nudged Thai companies towards integrating ESG – environment, social, and governance – principles tightly into the fabric of their corporate identities. This alignment is evident, as seen in the newly sanctioned Thailand ESG Fund by the Finance Ministry, championing investment in ESG-focused stocks and the burgeoning world of green bonds.

Lifestyle Trends

2024 Business Trends
Photo: iStock

With evolving consumer habits, the dawn of 2024 brings a ray of hope to diverse lifestyle-related business sectors. Look at the ever-blossoming pet market – a robust growth trend that shows no signs of slowing, with a keen eye now shifting towards the world of exotic pets. In parallel, we see the ascent of environmental ventures, riding the wave of heightened consumer consciousness for eco-friendly lifestyles.

Digital Fast Food

Photo: iStock

Quick-service restaurants, too, have caught the digital bug, transforming their operational models to sync up with the digitally-charged shifts in consumer demands post-pandemic. Investing in unique mobile applications has taken center stage for these QSR operators, presenting patrons with a plethora of dining choices and purchase avenues.

Tourism Soft Power

2024 Business Trends
Photo: iStock

The charm of soft power is slated to shine in the tourism sector, bringing forth a wave of high-caliber tourists in 2024. Forging this path forward is the National Soft Power Strategy Committee (NSPSC), which ambitiously eyes a mammoth 4 trillion baht revenue goal whilst promoting its 11 select soft power industries.

High-end Property

Photo: iStock

Property developers are now setting their sights on more opulent pastures, turning their attention to the high-value, low-rise housing market, driven by a stagnation in the purchasing prowess of the mid- to low-end markets. The preference leans towards low-rise housing, where the principal demand stems from local patrons in quest of more expansive living spaces, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

Electric Vehicles

2024 Business Trends
Photo: namzo (Unsplash)

In the realm of transportation, Thailand’s endeavors to emerge as a regional electric vehicle (EV) nucleus is gearing up to come to an auspicious head in 2024, with prominent global EV producers setting the wheels of passenger EV production in motion within the country. The much-awaited debut of Thailand’s own locally manufactured EVs is anticipated as early as the second quarter of 2024.

Rise of Healthcare

Photo: iStock

The healthcare and wellness industry’s future looks robust, charted for growth in the year 2024. This optimistic projection rides on the coattails of a tourism resurgence, coupled with anticipated economic ascendancy. Emboldened by governmental stimulus measures, the industry hopes to see an upswing in expenditures linked to healthcare and wellness services.

Carbon Plunge

2024 Business Trends
Photo: iStock

In a firm commitment to dialing down carbon dioxide emissions, Thailand will continue its journey towards sustainable manufacturing practices in 2024. This journey, encapsulated in the BCG – bio-, circular and green – manufacturing ideologies, advocates for production methods that elevate product value while treading gently on our planet.

The look ahead to 2024 unveils a business landscape that leans into the winds of digitization, sustainability, and customer-centricity, marking a significant leap towards practices that promise to shape a future-ready economy.

5 Essential Insights for Traveling to Thailand

traveling to thailand
Photo: iStock

Venturing to the very heartland of Thailand is to lose oneself in a rich tapestry entwining centuries-old traditions, infectious convivial customs, and a spirit of welcoming community which beckons one in with genuine graciousness. As you tick off the days until you bless this magical country with your arrival, the following five pieces of advice cast a golden thread with which to weave your story in a way that gives proper respect to the rich tapestry of local life.

Nice to Know Tips Before Traveling to Thailand

Cultivating Connections with Thailand’s Greetings

traveling to thailand
Photo: iStock

Step into the ‘Land of Smiles,’ and you’ll soon discover that a gentle ‘wai’ — palms pressed together near your heart, with a slight bow of the head — is the key that unlocks hearts of locals. This simple but inspiring gesture reflects Thailand’s basic hospitability and forms an instant bridge of friendship connecting you with those you meet.

Basking in Thailand’s Natural Glow

Photo: iStock

Thailand’s lush beauty and radiant sunshine call for a trio of the most reliable travel companions: bottle of sunscreen, bottle of insect repellent, and, of course, a pair of sunglasses. With these guardians, you’re armed to meander through emerald rice fields, explore the ruins of bygone eras and bask in the serenity without the symphony of nature breaking your stride.

Language as a Gateway to Hearts

Photo: iStock

With a fistful of Thai phrases, it’s like unlocking doors to unexpected camaraderie. A cheerful ‘chon găew’ will propose a shared glass of beer, and so begins the nurturement of budding friendships and exchanges filled with bellows of laughter that echo long after your paths have diverged.

Honoring Foundations with Shoeless Steps

Photo: iStock

In case the visitor set a foot on someone’s private haven or holy spiritual ground, this taking off a pair of shoes is literally honoring local traditions – but without words. This is far from just being a formality – it signals your salute to the Thai way, endeared you to those whose worlds you are now blessed to meander through.

The Convivial Art of Gastronomic Sharing

traveling to thailand
Photo: iStock

To participate in a Thai meal is to take that part in cultural communion, a ceremony where happiness of collective experience epitomizes sharing food. That means every single dish that graces your table is an unspoken invite to dive fork-first into a shared journey of tastes and textures that strengthens human bonds with every delectable mouthful.

As you gear up for your own Thai odyssey, hold these cultural keystones as your compass. They’ll steer you toward a deeper comprehension and a more vibrant journey, paying homage to both land and lineage. Let the narrative of your travels be enriched not by the picturesque landscapes only, but with the warmth that endures in the friendships you are destined to develop. So welcome to Thailand and let your unfolding story be as vibrant and welcoming as the land itself—an adventure written with every earnest step onto its sacred ground. Check out our essential tips for women traveling to Thailand.


Exploring Thailand’s Evolving Cannabis Cuisine

Photo: iStock

Nestled within the bustling streets and serene beaches of Thailand is a culinary revolution that beckons the discerning food lover. Here stands a series of havens that brilliantly marry the rich traditions of Thai cuisine with the novel infusion of cannabis, each offering an inviting journey of the senses.

10 Places Offering Cannabis-Enhanced Cuisine Across Thailand

WholeWeed House

Photo: WholeWeed House

In Bangkok, WholeWeed House emerges as a sanctuary of innovation, where delectable pastries and bespoke beverages come with a personal choice of cannabis intensity. As you sit down to relish in the comfort of cannabis toasties and brownies, you’re engaging with a personalized and memorable palate adventure.

Service hours:

  • Sunday to Wednesday – Closed
  • Thursday to Saturday – 9 AM to 6 PM

MD-82 Cafe

Photo: MD-82 cafe’ (Facebook)

Not far from the traditional cafe experience lies the aviation-inspired MD-82 Cafe, serving refreshments in whimsical bong-shaped glasses. Alish in unique flavors and an ambiance that echoes the thrill of skyward journeys, the cafe’s varied menu beckons both coffee connoisseurs and explorers of taste.

Service hours: Daily 11 AM to 10 PM

Rustic And Blue – By The Sea

Photo: Rustic And Blue

Gracing the shores of Phuket, Rustic And Blue – By The Sea fuses western and Thai flavors with a hint of wellness. It offers not just a meal but an all-embracing experience where you and your four-legged friends can unwind, savoring cannabis-infused drinks and desserts.

Service hours: Daily 8:30 AM to 10 PM

Chi Samui

Photo: Chi Samui

At the picturesque Chi Samui in Koh Samui, the first to introduce a cannabis menu on the island, you can dine beside a glistening saltwater infinity pool. Here, you savor locally sourced organic cannabis through an array of edible treats and beverages, all while embracing the island’s natural beauty.

Service hours: Daily 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM

Koko Japanese Restaurant

Photo: Koko Japanese Restaurant (Facebook)

In the heart of Bangkok’s serene landscapes, Koko Japanese Restaurant artfully integrates cannabis into Japanese gastronomy. The tranquil setting invites intimate dinners and special gatherings, where the allure of cannabis-infused sushi and opulent dishes like Wagyu Steak Hemp lifts the culinary experience to new heights.

Service hours: Daily 10 AM to 9 PM

Cannabis Cafe & Restaurant

Photo: cannabis.cafe.rawai (Instagram)

Perched along Rawai beach, Cannabis Cafe & Restaurant stands as a trailblazer in offering a spectrum of cannabis-infused dishes. The establishment is a testament to personalizing your dining experience, ensuring that each visit is a meaningful and delicious foray into the world of cannabis cuisine.

Service hours: Daily 10:30 AM to 11 PM

Leaf Cannabis Cafe

Photo: Leaf Cannabis Cafe (Facebook)

Leaf Cannabis Cafe finds its home in the urban embrace of Sathorn, welcoming patrons to a slowly savored selection of edibles. It invites diners to relax and enjoy at their own pace, whether they indulge in a cookie, a brownie, or a playful serving of popcorn.

Service hours: Daily 9 AM to 10 PM

Oumi Organic Cafe

Photo: OUMI organic CAFE (Facebook)

At Oumi Organic Cafe in Sathon, the mission is singular: to blend organic nourishment with the healing attributes of cannabis. From CBD smoothie bowls to THC-infused salads, this café pledges to nourish not only the body but also the soul, all in a serene oasis-like setting.

Highland Cafe

Photo: Highland Cafe Official (Facebook)

Highland Cafe in Bangkok crafts a medley of Thai and Western cuisine with the buoyant touch of cannabis. The delectable spread encourages you to delve into a peaceful, floaty state as you navigate a menu that promises both cultural authenticity and a delightful culinary uplift.

Service hours: Daily 8 AM to 7 PM

Kiew Kai Ka

Photo: ร้านเขียวไข่กา l Kiew Kai Ka (Facebook)

Kiew Kai Ka invites you into the warmth of true Thai cooking, now adorned with a modern twist of cannabis. The establishment weaves together comforting CBD soups and dynamic THC curries, all designed to provide a harmonious blend of time-honored tastes and contemporary flair.

Service hours: Daily 4:20 PM to 11:30 PM

Each of these destinations across Thailand not only signifies an evolution in the dining experience but also showcases the country’s heartfelt embrace of culinary progress. These places encourage visitors from near and far to share in a gastronomic passage where tradition and innovation are savored with joy and openness. Check out where to find premium cannabis in Bangkok!

Is Thailand an Ideal Retirement Destination?

retire in thailand
Photo: iStock

When considering the golden years, many aspire to find a place that offers tranquility, beauty, and a stretch in the value of their savings. Thailand emerges as the ideal retirement destination – a country that marbles together serenity with zest, tradition with modernity, and cost-efficiency with luxury. Let us delve into the top reasons why this Southeast Asian jewel could be your ultimate haven.

The Reasons Why it is Ideal to Retire in Thailand

Firstly, Thailand’s rental market caters to all preferences, from contemporary apartments in bustling Bangkok to peaceful beachfront villas. Dwellings are not just plentiful; they embody both comfort and style, ensuring retirees can find their perfect home.

Secondly, while the beauty of retirement is universal, the joy of doing so affordably is a standout feature in Thailand. Here, the cost of living smiles kindly upon your finances. Groceries, transportation, and leisure activities come with a modest price tag, allowing you to savor life’s pleasures without undue strain on your wallet.

Thirdly, Thailand boasts some of the most stunning beaches on the planet. Whether it is the desire to stroll along soft sands at sunset or to gaze out upon turquoise waters by day, the country’s shoreline promises to be the backdrop of countless cherished moments.

Fourthly, a feast for the senses awaits as Thai cuisine offers an astonishing range of flavors. From street food delicacies to high-end culinary wonders, the flavors here ensure a gastronomic journey that reignites the joy of dining with every meal.

Most importantly, what truly sets Thailand apart is its people. The warmth and grace of Thai culture provide a comforting embrace. Their hospitality ensures that newcomers experience a community that is both vibrant and genuinely welcoming.

Thailand weaves together the essentials for a fulfilling retirement – affordable living, stunning locales, exquisite cuisine, and heartfelt connections. It is a place where life’s next chapter not only promises relaxation and discovery but also the vibrant tapestry of experiences that makes every day genuinely enchanting. Planning your Thai visa extension? Check out our article about early Thai visa extension application guidelines!

Phuket Travel Guide: Insider Tips for Exploring Paradise

Photo: iStock

Embark on an enchanting journey through Phuket, a treasure trove of natural beauty and serene escapades, blessed with mesmerizing landscapes that beckon travelers from around the globe. Here’s a heartfelt guide from a former resident eager to share the gems of this tropical paradise.

Phuket Travel Guide

Bang Pae Waterfall: Nature’s Serenade in Talang

phuket travel guide
Photo: iStock

Commence your adventure with a trip to Bang Pae Waterfall in Talang, where the symphony of nature whispers in cascading falls. Trek through a trail dotted with enchanting mini waterfalls before reaching the main attraction—inviting you to plunge into its refreshing embrace. This experience is more than a mere visit; it’s an encounter with nature at its most intimate.

Nai Harn Beach: Where Sunsets Paint the Sky

phuket travel guide
Photo: iStock

For an awe-inspiring twilight, make your way to Nai Harn Beach. Though this gem may be quaint in size, the spectacular sunsets it offers defy any crowd. The sky transforms into a canvas of warm hues, a spectacle that will enrich your holiday memories. Adjacent lies Phrom Thep Cape, another vantage point for the day’s majestic curtain call.

The Majestic Big Buddha: Beyond a Landmark

phuket travel guide
Photo: iStock

Of course, a trip to Phuket would be incomplete without witnessing the grandeur of the Big Buddha. More than a monumental landmark, it’s a viewpoint offering a panorama that captivates the soul. Standing there, you’ll find perspectives not just of the island, but perhaps your inner self.

A Blanket and A Pillow: Tranquil Cafe Retreat

a blanket & a pillow phuket
Photo: A Blanket & A Pillow

Let me share a secret—a cafe that’s a haven of tranquility. A  Blanket and A Pillow isn’t just an establishment; it’s an experience, where the views transport you to a world of calm contemplation.

Black Rock Viewpoint: Panoramic Splendor in Southern Phuket

phuket travel guide
Photo: iStock

For those seeking a bird’s eye view, ascend to Black Rock Viewpoint. The effort of the hike is richly rewarded with expansive vistas of southern Phuket, including the picturesque Nai Harn Beach.

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Discover essential tips for women traveling Thailand, empowering journeys with cultural insights and practical advice.