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Sip, Snap, Share: Unveiling Bangkok’s Insta-Worthy Cafes!

Photo: Daydream Believer (Facebook)

BkkClub proudly presents a majestic journey to the Insta-worthy cafes, delivering a curated ensemble of six picturesque cafés that beckon with their unparalleled charm. From the chic minimalist to the enchanting vintage, this experience is a splendid opportunity for friends to meander, explore, and immortalize their moments in photos. Allow me to escort you on this visual and gustatory adventure through these captivating establishments.

Best 5 Insta-worthy cafes


Photo: Puritan (Facebook)
Photo: Puritan (Facebook)

At Puritan, you will find yourself embraced by an ambiance reminiscent of old-world Europe. This alluring coffee shop not only delights with a repertoire of sumptuous cakes but also captivates with its glass-roofed elegance, assuring a dining experience akin to the splendors of Europe.

  • Service hours: Tuesday to Friday 1 PM – 6 PM / Weekends 11 AM – 6 PM / Close on Mondays
  • Google Maps: Puritan

Tham·Ma·Da Cafe & Shop

Photo: Thammada (Facebook)
Photo: Thammada (Facebook)

In pursuit of a culinary concoction of coffee, rich chocolate, and robust meals, Thammada extends an invitation to appreciate its artistic milieu. Here, savor the exquisite pork knuckle, a symphony of soft textures and balanced savors accompanied by rice, soup, and mashed potatoes, complemented by a coffee menu that entices with its aromatic allure.

Daydream Believer

Photo: Daydream Believer (Facebook)
Photo: Daydream Believer (Facebook)

Daydream Believer emerges as the quintessence of an English garden, infused with a confluence of Western and Thai culinary artistry. Amidst its enchanting setting and buoyant colors, this venue offers a sanctuary for dining, work retreats, and bustling events.

The Mustang Blu

Photo: The Mustang Blu (Facebook)
Photo: The Mustang Blu (Facebook)

Step into The Mustang Blu, an eminent hotel nestled in the heart of Yaowarat, to witness a realm where the vintage glamour of a colonial edifice intertwines seamlessly with modern sophistication. Formerly a distinguished massage parlor, this site now indulges guests with divine beverages and desserts starting at an accessible 200 baht for a regal encounter.

  • Service hours: 1 PM – 5 PM (Close on Wednesdays)
  • Google Maps: The Mustang Blu

Akirart Café

Photo: Akirart (Facebook)
Photo: Akirart (Facebook)

Unearth the nostalgia of the invigorating 80s at Akirart Café, where the ambiance encapsulates a classic office era. This unique café, birthed from the genius transformation of an advertisement studio, serves not only a genuine step into the past but also an array of heavenly coffee and drinks.

  • Service hours: 10 AM – 6 PM (Close on Tuesdays)
  • Google Maps: Akirart Café

Floral Cafe at Napasorn

Photo: Floral Cafe’ at Napasorn (Facebook)
Photo: Floral Cafe’ at Napasorn (Facebook)

Finally, venture up to the graceful Victorian-style “Floral Cafe at Napasorn,” nestled atop a renowned flower shop in Pak Khlong Talat. The café’s elegant wooden furniture and ornate Mughal brick walls, adorned with animal-shaped frames and blooming live flowers, create an aristocratic atmosphere. Here, connoisseurs can indulge in a medley of flower-infused teas, homemade bakery delights, and seasonal ice creams. Their Chocolate Raspberry Rose cake, a beautiful fusion of delicate rose perfume and sweet raspberry, exemplifies the finesse of their offerings.

Embark on this graceful exploration and enrich your senses with the splendors these Insta-worthy cafés have to offer. Each visit not only promises visual exquisiteness but also a feast for the palate, as you forge delightful memories with companions at these illustrious destinations. Check out our guide to the best mango dessert places in Bangkok!

Chiang Mai for Less: Top Picks for Budget-Friendly Lodging

Photo: iStock

Set out on a quest to the soul of Thailand, where the old-world charm of Chiang Mai greets you with open arms, melding the past with a dash of modernity. Within these ancient city walls and bustling streets, we have hand-selected ten cozy hotels in Chiang Mai that promise a warm Thai welcome paired with homely comforts, without commanding a princely sum.

Budget-Friendly Hotels at Chiang Mai

Immerse Yourself in the Essence of Lanna at Baan Tawai Lanna Resort

Chiang Mai hotels
Photo: บ้านถวายล้านนารีสอร์ท Baan Tawai Lanna Resort (Facebook)

Not far from where planes touch down, find your sanctuary at Baan Tawai Lanna Resort. Retreat into the generous expanse of spotless, well-equipped rooms. Revel in the local café’s relaxing atmosphere, and make use of shuttles that ferry curious souls to the storied and scenic corners of Chiang Mai.

Meet Genuine Warmth at Sanae Chiang Mai Hotel

Photo: Sannae Hotel (Website)

Ideally situated to bridge exploration and ease, the Sanae Chiang Mai Hotel is a testament to heartfelt hospitality. Take refuge in the ample embrace of your private quarters after a lively day. With considerable room to park and indulgent beds awaiting, this hotel marries approachable pricing with the luxury of rest.

Relive Histories at the Rustic River Boutique Hotel

Chiang Mai hotels
Photo: Rustic River Boutique Hotel (Facebook)

Amid the pulsing heart of urban life, Rustic River Boutique Hotel offers an idyllic escape where Lanna’s lore lives. From this snug outpost, launch into a city brimming with lively tales and flavors, all within a saunter.

Samantan Hotel: A Gallery of Repose

Photo: Samantan Hotel (Facebook)

Inhabit a space at Samantan Hotel where each corner tells a story, adorned with the ingenuity of the arts. Each morning, awaken to a repast imbued with personal touch, as well-appointed and homely accommodations provide a sanctuary for wallet and well-being.

Tranquil Refinement Awaits at Stay with Nimman Chiang Mai

Photo: Stay with Nimman Chiang Mai (Facebook)

For those who revel in the zest of Nimman yet seek a placid retreat, Stay with Nimman Chiang Mai offers the perfect balance. Offering privacy and proximity, this tranquil abode enhances your urban adventure with the exclusive reprieve of a rooftop watering hole, a hidden gem amid the vim and vigor of city life.

Colonial Grace at Decharme Hotel

Chiang Mai hotels
Photo: Decharme Hotel Chiangmai (Facebook)

Positioned centrally, the Decharme Hotel radiates with colonial-inspired modernity. Here, one can seamlessly navigate between business ventures and leisure jaunts. With its unsullied resting quarters and plush bedding, this hotel is a testament to dignified repose.

At Pingnakorn Chiang Mai: Delight in Boutique Charm

Photo: At Pingnakorn Hotel Nimman (Facebook)

Cradled in the trendy Nimman area, At Pingnakorn presents itself as a chic sojourn. This snug hotel tempts with its fetching interior design and easy access to vibrant markets. Awake to a sumptuous buffet breakfast that celebrates the tastes of Northern Thailand.

Unwind at Hinoki Hotel’s Soothing Onsen

Chiang Mai hotels
Photo: Hinoki Hotel (Facebook)

Seekers of calm will discover a sanctuary at the Hinoki Hotel. It extols the virtues of a quiet onsen experience, where minimalist rooms make way for the tranquil allure of thermal baths. The inclusion of thoughtful extras like bottled water and car spaces speaks to guests’ every need.

Connect with Nature’s Canvas at Kaomai Lanna

Chiang Mai hotels
Photo: Kaomai Lanna (Facebook)

For the nature aficionado, Kaomai Lanna beckons with its pastoral setting and picturesque backdrop, perfect for photographers seeking that ideal shot. The simple yet comforting rooms play second fiddle to the enchanting environment that surrounds them.

Haikin Ryokan Hotel: Savor Japanese Simplicity

Photo: Haikin Ryokan Hotel (Facebook)

The Haikin Ryokan Hotel invites guests to immerse in an experience filled with Japanese nuance. Convenient for airport transit, this hotel entices delectable dining and provides a visual treat for the camera-ready traveler, along with a scrumptious start to the morning with its bento-box breakfasts.

Each of these select retreats in Chiang Mai is ready to pen a page in your travel journal, whether your narrative leans toward immersion in art, historical engagement, or nature’s gentle touch. They promise a blend of affordability and charm, crafting the perfect setting for stories waiting to be lived and recounted. Venture with anticipation to Chiang Mai and allow these gateways to enrich your journey with each tranquil night and exhilarating day.

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Sip in Style at Best Rooftop Bar in Bangkok

Photo: Sala Arun Bangkok (Facebook)

As the season for merriment and jubilation dawns upon us, with Christmas cheer still lingering and the anticipatory excitement for the forthcoming New Year in the air, it beckons the discerning connoisseur to explore the enchanting rooftop bars scattered across the illustrious cityscape of Bangkok. These havens of repose offer a splendid amalgamation of exquisite wines, sumptuous culinary delights, and a romantic milieu under the stars, culminating in an experience of par excellence. I invite you to peruse the curated selection below and meticulously chart your urban odyssey.

Best Rooftop Bar in Bangkok

Vertigo and Moon Bar Rooftop

Photo: Vertigo and Moon Bar Rooftop (Website)

Embark upon your rooftop sojourn with Vertigo & Moon Bar. Nestled in the bustling metropolis, this venue boasts an impressive array of cross-cultural gastronomic offerings. As twilight descends, it blossoms into a cherished assembly for locals and wanderers alike. The vibrant energy here fuses urban allure with the tranquility of the evening zephyr, complemented by a tapestry of savory fare. The addition of live melodies harmonizes the milieu, crafting a convivial setting for fellowship and camaraderie.

lebua No.3

Photo: lebua No.3 (Website)

Ascend to the precipitous heights of lebua No.3, perched elegantly on the 52nd floor and proclaimed as the globe’s loftiest concoction emporium. Here, the atmosphere drips with contemporary opulence, adorned in a meticulously selected palette of black, gold, and red to echo the splendor of lebua Hotels & Resorts.

  • Service hours: 5 PM – 12 AM
  • Google Maps: lebua No.3

Tichuca Rooftop Bar

Photo: Tichuca Rooftop Bar (Facebook)

Immerse yourself in the whimsical allure of Tichuca Rooftop Bar, which shatters the conventional rooftop paradigm. Its Mood & Tone décor transports you to a Hawaiian oasis in the sky. Stationed in the T-One Building’s soaring heights, it grants you the gift of a 360-degree vista of Bangkok’s tapestry. This locale is the quintessence of photographic splendor, buoyant ambiance, and the ideal backdrop for ushering in the New Year.

Vanilla Sky Rooftop

Photo: Vanilla Sky (Facebook)

At the pinnacle of SKYVIEW Hotel Bangkok lies Vanilla Sky, where the glamour of twilight heralds a breathtaking panorama. This establishment presents an eclectic medley of libations to captivate your palate, while its avant-garde aesthetic guarantees an unobstructed sweep of the horizon, ensuring indelible celebratory moments.

Up & Above Restaurant and Bar

Photo: The Okura Prestige Bangkok (Facebook)

For those who favor a serene retreat coupled with a panoramic tableau, Up & Above Restaurant and Bar emerges as an exemplary choice. It transcends evening allure, offering a midday buffet featuring international gastronomy. The alfresco area, bathed in gentle illumination and scenic vistas, promises an encounter filled with culinary pleasure and visual delight.

Yao Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

Photo: Yao Restaurant & Rooftop Bar (Facebook)

Congregate with esteemed companions at Yao Rooftop Bar, where the ethos of Chinese tradition melds seamlessly with sleek contemporary design. Situated atop Marriott Surawongse, this retreat affords you a tranquil sanctuary to bask in the majestic panorama of the Chao Phraya River.

Eagle Nest Bar

rooftop bar bangkok
Photo: Sala Arun Bangkok (Facebook)

We turn our gaze toward the venerated confines of the Eagle Nest Bar, set within the Sala Arun Hotel. Here, one can indulge in a melange of Thai and global flavors, bolstered by an eclectic mix of beverages. This rooftop domain delivers an omnipotent bouquet of fine dining, a delightful exterior nook, and the coveted spectacle of the sunset’s ballet. Embrace its romantic essence with open arms.

  • Service hours: Weekdays 4 PM – 11 PM, Weekends 4 PM – 12 AM
  • Google Maps: Eagle Nest Bar

These rooftop sanctuaries are beacons of conviviality and resplendence, each beckoning with its unique charm. Whether your heart yearns for urban panoramas, serene riverscapes, or an island-inspired refuge, Bangkok’s rooftops ensure an unforgettable festivity. Raise your glasses high and toast to an exceptional rooftop soiree amidst the pulsating heart of this effervescent city.

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Get Ready for a Night of Wonders: Exploring Bangkok’s Night Markets!

night markets bangkok
Photo: iStock

Bangkok, a city imbued with perpetual vitality, offers an enthralling experience to both the nocturnal wanderer and the eager shopper as dusk falls. The city’s nightscape, aglow with a kaleidoscope of lights, invites you to amble or indulge in retail therapy. It is our pleasure to unveil a selection of night markets in Bangkok, boasting a colorful variety of markets and pedestrian-friendly boulevards. Make yourself at ease, check-in, and set out on a voyage of discovery.

Best ุ Local Night Markets in Bangkok

Srinakarin Train Night Market

night markets bangkok
Photo: iStock

At the Srinakarin Train Night Market, located behind Seacon Square, you can find an extravaganza of night trading. This market stands as a cornucopia of vintage charm, showcasing an array of classic furniture, collectibles, and chic gadgets, alongside traditional barbershops, bookstores, and cobblers. Here, the air breathes an old-world charisma, inviting you to capture memories beside antique locomotives.

Chatuchak Night Market

Photo: iStock

A bastion of nocturnal commerce for over three decades, the venerable Chatuchak Night Market operates from dawn to the stroke of midnight, accessible through three principal entrances. On Fridays, the market welcomes vehicular ingress for the day, whereas on weekends, parking privileges pause at noon, resuming at 6 PM. Here, a diverse array of vendors purvey apparel, ornamental trinkets, eyewear, and scrumptious street foods.

Jodd Fairs

night markets bangkok
Photo: iStock

A stone’s throw from Central Plaza Rama 9, Jodd Fairs is cultivated by the creators of the Ratchada Train Night Market. It amalgamates beloved and novel outlets, presenting an assortment of fashion, accessories, and culinary treats. The market’s allure is amplified by live music serenading guests every weekend.

  • Service hours: 4 PM – 12 AM
  • Google Maps: Jodd Fairs

Indy Market Pinklao

night markets bangkok
Photo: ตลาดอินดี้ ปิ่นเกล้า Facebook)

Ensconced in the Charansanitwong 51 district, Indy Market Pinklao is a sanctuary of dining and style. With its rich tapestry of eateries, ice cream parlors, chic boutiques, and assorted storefronts, it is an idyllic milieu for an evening reprieve.

Khlong Ong Ang

Photo: iStock

Along the tranquil canal, Khlong Ong Ang Walking Street—akin to an extension of Chinatown—offers a serene promenade. Come evening, the vicinity teems with food stalls serving up savory and saccharine fare ranging from succulent grilled meats to timeless Thai confections and cool beverages.

  • Service hours: 4 PM – 10 PM (Open on Fridays to Sundays)
  • Google Maps: Khlong Ong Ang


Photo: iStock

Yaowarat, or Chinatown, springs to life when night descends, with its thoroughfares and alleys thronged by a myriad of food vendors. Whether you crave pork skewers, grilled squid, noodle houses, or traditional Thai sweets, the district satisfies every palate. Dining by the roadside here, one is swept up in the dynamic culinary pageantry.

  • Service hours: 6:30 PM – 11:30 PM (Close on Mondays)
  • Google Maps: Yaowarat

Engage with Bangkok’s nocturnal offerings, where the pulse of the city weaves a vibrant tableau of luminosity, taste, and cultural opulence. Each marketplace unfurls its distinctive narrative, creating an enchanting array of shopping, gastronomy, and amusement for both residents and travelers. Embrace the invitation to explore and revel in the spirited heart of Thailand’s capital, under the spell of the moonlit sky.

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Thai Massage 101: A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide for Relaxation!

thai massage
Photo: iStock

Let us set forth on a serene expedition into the heart of Thai massage, the venerable art with roots deeply embedded in Thailand’s rich tapestry of restorative customs. This narrative serves as a beacon, gently urging you to uncover the abundant rewards Thai massage imparts, beckoning you towards a comprehensive state of comfort and inner serenity.

Guide to Thai Massage

Unveiling the Essence of Thai Massage

thai massage
Photo: iStock

Within the realm of Thai massage, one finds a curative practice that artfully blends rhythmic motions, intentional pressures, and purposeful stretching to create harmony in the energy pathways of the body. Originating from a culture imbued with medicinal expertise, Thai massage offers more than simple respite; it bestows vigor and keen mental lucidity. The practice’s dynamic exchange between practitioner and recipient, which rejuvenates both mind and flesh, is distinguishable from Western massage methodologies, fostering an experience where harmony prevails.

Crafting Your Thai Massage Experience

thai massage
Photo: iStock

To commence your Thai massage voyage, it is essential to establish an oasis of stillness: envisage a demure chamber, enveloped by delicate scents, with a backdrop of dulcet tones enhancing the atmosphere. The pivotal role of your massage guide, whose skill and insight will shape the course of your therapy, cannot be understated. Choose attire that supports ease and adaptability, suiting the energetic essence of the session. Preliminary exchanges with your massage guide are crucial, affording a tailored and considerate approach to your therapy.

The Rhythmic Movement of Thai Massage

thai massage
Photo: iStock

At the heart of your tranquil excursion, the orchestrated practice of Thai massage unfolds. As your guide’s adept touch traverses your form, you are transported through postures that invigorate and enrich. Attentive to the signals your body radiates, the sequence of motions should remain an endeavor of comfort, free from any strain.

Experiencing the Session

Photo: iStock

Traverse the sequence of motions and compressions that typify Thai massage, where each connection is meticulously fashioned to soften rigidity and propel the flow of vigor. The synergy of measured breathing interlaces with the practitioner’s technique, intensifying the sense of repose. A cooperative relationship with your guide is vital; verbalize your comfort levels to secure a session that resonates with your personal tribute to wellness.

Post-Thai Massage Reflections

Photo: iStock

In the lingering moments that follow your session, bask in the comforting glow of ease or a renewed zest. Treasure this interlude of peace, allowing the session’s influences to imbue your essence thoroughly. Post-massage hydration is critical in assisting your body to cleanse itself of impurities. Propagate the tranquility you have harnessed into your daily existence, preserving the equilibrium you have found.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thai Massage Answered

thai massage
Photo: iStock

Advance into the Thai massage journey well-informed, with clarity on the pressing questions you might harbor, enhancing your understanding and preparation for a genuine experience.

  1. Is a background in yoga required for Thai massage?
    Yoga expertise is not a prerequisite. Your massage guide will effortlessly direct your body through the requisite stretches, regardless of your yoga background.
  2. What is the recommended frequency for enjoying Thai massage?
    The suggestion for Thai massage intervals embraces personal preference, shaped by one’s routine and wellness aspirations. While a monthly visit satisfies some, others might prefer more regular engagements.
  3. How should one react to a particularly intense stretch?
    It is essential to remain vocal about any sensations that cross the boundary of comfort. Your therapist, trained in sensitivity to client needs, will adeptly adapt the stretch, ensuring a seamless and harmonious experience.

With our exploration drawing to a close, we come to appreciate the encyclopedic potential of Thai massage to comfort and heal. Adaptable to the individual it serves, Thai massage is an odyssey of calm waiting to be experienced. Embrace the promise of equilibrium and restoration that Thai massage extends, and permit it to be your guide towards a harmonious state. If Thai massage beckons to you with its promise of a placid retreat, the opportunity to delve deeper or to inaugurate your inaugural session is at your fingertips. Let the hands of Thai massage accompany you on the journey towards lasting tranquility and grace. Your sanctuary of tranquility is not far from reach.

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Step into Bliss: 10 Exceptional Staycations in Bustling Bangkok!

Photo: iStock

In the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, one might seek a sanctuary of serenity, a place where the soul can find respite and the body can luxuriate in comfort. We invite you to explore a resplendent array of 10 staycations in Bangkok that promise to transport you to realms of relaxation and unadulterated luxury. Each carefully handpicked retreat stands as a testament to comfort and convenience, imbued with a promise to enliven your senses and alleviate the burdens of travel. Permit us to be your guide through these illustrious abodes, each unique in its charm and opulent in its offerings.

Best 10 Staycations in Bangkok

The Peninsula Bangkok

staycations bangkok
Photo: The Peninsula Bangkok (Facebook)

Cradled by the gentle waves of the Chao Phraya River, The Peninsula Bangkok opens its grand doors to a realm of grandeur. Surrender to the embrace of plush king-sized beds, luxuriate in serene baths, connect with the digital world through high-speed internet, and revitalize your senses with exquisite spa treatments. The hotel’s swimming pool invites you for a rejuvenating plunge while a slate of healthful activities and gastronomic delights await your discerning palate within its gracious walls.

Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld

Photo: Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld (Website)

At the very pulse of Bangkok’s vibrant heart, this haven offers a regal slumber in its king-sized beds, complemented by the bubbling delights of a private jacuzzi. Revel in the efficiency of daily housekeeping, the modern comforts of an air-conditioned milieu, the allure of a smart TV, and the convenience of sublime in-house dining experiences that satiate the senses.


staycations bangkok
Photo: Ariyasomvilla (Facebook)

Enfolded in a cocoon of tranquility, Ariyasomvilla extends a generous invitation to a serene escape, where spacious beds, soothing spa indulgences, and savory dining choices await. Immerse yourself in the quietude of its swimming pool, luxuriate in the private jacuzzi, and let your imagination wander in the company of literary treasures housed within the villa’s library.

137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok

Photo: 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok (Facebook)

Gracing the city with its presence, this illustrious staycation spot provides an enviable selection between king-sized or twin beds, accompanied by the enchanting acoustics of a Bose sound system. Pamper oneself with calming spa sessions, delight in a panorama from the infinity pool, and indulge in refined culinary journeys, all within the comfort of this sumptuous sanctuary.

Oriental Residence Bangkok

Photo: Oriental Residence Bangkok (Website)

Replete with lavish appointments found in the king-sized bed, spacious living domain, fully-fitted kitchen, and marble-clad bathroom, complete with revitalizing rain showers, the Oriental Residence Bangkok epitomizes luxury. A dedicated desk space caters to work requisites, while a rich catalog of dining venues within the hotel promises a mosaic of flavorful adventures.

Riva Surya Bangkok

Photo: Riva Surya Bangkok (Website)

Perched gracefully on the Chao Phraya River’s banks, Riva Surya encompasses a wealth of amenities such as plush king-sized beds, dedicated workspaces, and swift internet connectivity, ensuring every convenience is at your fingertips. Indulge in the pleasures of a cooling rain shower, dip into the swimming pool, or savor opulent spa ceremonies—all within the reach of this inviting sanctuary.

Crowne Plaza Bangkok

Photo: Crowne Plaza Bangkok (Website)

Crowned with the promise of repose, Crowne Plaza unfurls its comforts in the form of well-appointed beds, LED TVs, and convenient internet connectivity. Embark on a journey of wellness with its swimming pool, fitness center, and spa, while a variety of dining avenues cater to the culinary explorer within.

Kokotel Bangkok Surawong

Photo: Kokotel Bangkok Surawong (Website)

Embracing both familial warmth and practical ease, Kokotel Bangkok Surawong serves as a cherished retreat with its snug double beds, wireless internet, and soothing air-conditioned spaces. A lounge area invites you to unwind, whereas the in-house restaurant and café proffer delightful fare to suit every taste, alongside a play area for younger guests’ delight.

Theatre Residence

staycations bangkok
Photo: Theatre Residence (Facebook)

Marrying the elegance of comfort with the joie de vivre of entertainment, Theatre Residence infuses your stay with the comfort of king-sized beds, flat-screen TVs, and opulent bathtubs. Additional amenities such as a kitchenette augment the convenience of your sojourn, while a swimming pool adds a splash of leisure to the experience.

Riva Arun Bangkok

staycations bangkok
Photo: Riva Arun Bangkok (Facebook)

Against the historical tapestry of Rattanakosin Island, Riva Arun awaits modern conveniences including wireless internet and a refreshing LCD TV, balanced by traditional luxuries such as a Japanese-style bathtub for an immersion in pure indulgence.

Enriched with this catalog of stellar staycations, you are armed and ready to embark upon a splendid interlude in Bangkok. These jewels of hospitality extend beyond a pause from the every day—they shape moments and memories infused with personalized delights. Whether your heart longs for a retreat of spa serenity, a cultural odyssey, or an excursion tailored for familial bonds, these sanctuaries present a mosaic of exceptional experiences. Inspire your companions with tales of these paradisiacal locales and commence planning an escapade that beckons with a promise of rejuvenation and adventure. Await no longer; your extraordinary intermission in Bangkok beckons.

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Penalty Drama and Equalizing Own Goal Define Jaturamitr 30th Opener


On a lively November day, under the bright lights of Supachalasai Stadium, the 30th Jaturamitr Unity Football Tournament kicked off with an electrifying first game. The contenders were the seasoned players from Suankularb Wittayalai School’s ‘Sky Blues,’ who have claimed the championship title an impressive 16 times, squaring off against the equally illustrious ‘Violet Brewers’ from the halls of Bangkok Christian College, whose trophy case also boasts 16 wins. This was a match of former titans, with each team having previously tasted the sweet victory of past tournaments.

The crowd held its breath during the opening half when, at the half-hour mark, Bangkok Christian College positioned itself for a promising lead. A penalty kick, a chance to surge ahead, was awarded, only to ripple spectators’ nerves when Pitchaya Khongsi’s determined strike was thwarted by the exceptional reflexes of Rose College’s goalkeeper, Kawin Phithaksali.

Tension ratcheted up in the second half as Suankularb Wittayalai School unleashed a surge of tactical prowess. In the 54th minute, Attaset Thongnak’s deft maneuvering left the defense scattered as he charged the ball to the penalty area. A swift succession followed as Setthawut Phongchitsupaphap received the pass and with a composed finesse, propelled the ball past the goal line to claim a 1-0 lead.

But the triumph was not solely held by Suankularb Wittayalai School. Bangkok Christian College, in a determined retort, amplified their offense. Their efforts came to fruition as the 76th minute was marked by an unfortunate shift in records—an own goal by Suankularb Wittayalai School’s defender, Kunakorn Suwannakumarn, pulling the rivals back to an equal score.

Looking ahead to the next match day, Monday, November 13, the schedule heralds more exhilarating matchups. At 1:00 PM, the vibrant squad from Assumption College will test their mettle against the ‘Sky Blues’ of Suankularb Wittayalai School. The day’s excitement will continue to mount as 4:00 PM promises a clash between Debsirin School School and the resilient ‘Violet Brewers’ of Bangkok Christian College. Each team will fight for glory and a coveted spot in the storied Jaturamitr Unity Football Competition annals.


@nungcafe #จัตรุมิตร30 #กรุงเทพคริสเตียน #สวนกุหลาบ ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – nungcafe


Breaking Down the Digital Wallet Initiative: Boosting Thai Economy in 2024

Srettha Thavisin

In Bangkok, on November 10, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and the Finance Minister announced a new fiscal initiative aimed at bolstering the economic footing of many Thai citizens. Under the forthcoming Digital Wallet scheme, individuals over the age of 16, earning a monthly income of no more than 70,000 baht, and with bank deposits under 500,000 baht, will be deemed eligible for a financial boost of 10,000 baht.

During a recent press briefing on Friday, PM Srettha provided clarity on the eligibility criteria for this anticipated program. This announcement is a testament to the government’s dedicated effort to transform the vision of the Digital Wallet project into a tangible reality.

The strategy behind this scheme is to stimulate the economy by funneling money directly into the hands of consumers. The government has set an ambitious target of distributing a stimulating package that amounts to 600 billion baht. A substantial slice of that pie—500 billion baht—is allocated for the Digital Wallet initiative, reaching an estimated 50 million individuals, while a separate fund of 100 billion baht is earmarked for enhancing various capabilities. However, such an expansive and intricate undertaking will ultimately hinge upon the necessary legal proceedings and the green light from pertinent authoritative bodies.

In preparation for this rollout, the government has diligently consulted with financial bodies such as the Bank of Thailand and the National Economic and Social Development Council, among others. This collaborative approach is designed to ensure the scheme’s conditions are both robust and effective.

Looking ahead to May 2024, the launch of the Digital Wallet scheme is set against a six-month active period that commences from the beneficiary’s initial access of the funds. Further refining the eligibility, a notable addition dictates that the digital funds may only be expended within the recipients’ home districts.

The Digital Wallet is designated for the purchase of tangible goods such as food and basic consumer goods. However, limitations are in place: services, online shopping, alcohol, tobacco, and substances related to marijuana and cannabis are not included as permissible expenditures. Furthermore, prohibitions are applied to transactions involving gift cards, cash equivalents, and valuable commodities like gold and pearls. These digital funds cannot serve to settle any form of existing debt, educational fees, or domestic expenses like utilities.

When it comes to participating merchants, the program does not discriminate; all vendors are welcomed. Yet, to transact with the Digital Wallet credits, an important criterion must be met: stores must be firmly integrated into the tax framework, and for those not registered for VAT—such as local street vendors or digital app-based shops—registration and compliance with tax obligations are mandatory prerequisites.

This financial initiative is poised to create a ripple effect across the local economy, encouraging spending and supporting businesses, all while remaining within the structured guidelines set forth by the Thai government.

Mango Lovers Rejoice: The 5 Best Mango Dessert Spots in Bangkok!

Photo: Desirae Hayes-Vitor (Unsplash)

Embark on an exquisite gustatory journey through the bustling city of Bangkok and allow your senses to feast upon the quintessential Thai dessert—Mango Sticky Rice. As the sweltering summer sun envelopes the landscape, the desire for this sweet indulgence intensifies. Yet amidst the myriad of eateries, only a select few bestow upon their patrons a manifestation of Mango Sticky Rice that truly transcends the ordinary. Permit me the honor of illuminating your path to the most esteemed havens of this delectable dessert, ensuring a culinary experience of the highest distinction.

Best 5 Mango Dessert Places in Bangkok

Cho Sornkaews

mango desserts bangkok
Photo: ร้าน ช.ศรแก้ว (Facebook)

Situated amid the animated environs of Chatuchak, Ch. Sornkaew crafts a Mango Sticky Rice that captivates both the palate and the eyes with its resplendent hues. Here, you shall encounter not only the divine taste of this tropical treat but also the sublime Jackfruit Sticky Rice. Their ambrosial creations whisper of premium quality and affordability. For those traversing the vicinity of Ladprao, Ch. Sornkaew beckons as a veritable destination of choice.

Mae Suri Coconut Sticky Rice

Photo: ข้าวเหนียวมูล แม่สุรี (Facebook)

Venture into the heart of the Huai Khwang district and discover Mae Suri Coconut Sticky Rice, a hidden treasure that presents Mango Sticky Rice steeped in aromatic coconut milk’s sweetness, fragrance, and creaminess. Nestled near the animated marketplace, the allure of this dessert’s beguiling aroma is an unmistakable prelude to the joy it bestows upon the first sampling.


Photo: มูนละมุน ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง Moonlamun Mango Sticky Rice (Facebook)

As our exploration continues, we encounter Moonlamun, an establishment that infuses its Mango mango-sticky rice with an aromatic allure. Here, the tender stickiness of the rice embraces the mango’s sun-kissed sweetness, all enrobed in a drizzle of subtly salted coconut cream—each component uniting to create a celestial blend steeped in the richness of Thai culinary heritage.

  • Service hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
  • Google Maps: Moonlamun

Mango Tango

mango desserts bangkok
Photo: MangoTango (Facebook)

Amid soaring temperatures, it becomes essential to treat oneself to moments of pure delight. MangoTango, an esteemed sanctuary for desserts and beverages, awaits your presence to offer an escape where the allure of sweetness knows no bounds. As a fervent advocacy, the Mango Kiwi Strawberry Combo is a symphony of flavors not to be missed. Imagine the finest mangoes aligned with invigorating kiwi slices and succulent strawberries, all delicately floating in a pool of mango-enriched essence. This concoction is gracefully served within the vibrant chambers of dragon fruit, garnished with an array of mango pieces, longan, luscious watermelon, and strawberries. Such a creation is crafted as the quintessential remedy to combat the fervor of the heat. Devotees of mango, this is a rendezvous you simply cannot concede.

  • Service hours: 11:30 AM – 10 PM
  • Google Maps: Mango Tango

Make Me Mango

mango desserts bangkok
Photo: Make Me Mango – Mango Cafe (Facebook)

In the illustrious precincts of Phra Nakhon, across the venerable Wat Pho, stands the cheerful abode of Make Me Mango. Within this café, adorned in luminous shades of yellow and set within walls that carry the weight of over four decades, an ebullient passion for mangos manifests. A visit to Make Me Mango rewards the epicure with Mango Sticky Rice which is as much a treat for the soul as it is for the taste buds, complimented by an ambiance replete with historical charm.

With this compendium as your guide, I fervently encourage you to immerse yourself in the pursuit of the consummate Mango Sticky Rice experience in Bangkok. Let each spoonful be a symphony of flavor, a cherished reprieve amid the relentless caress of the summer’s warmth. Discover an exciting day in Bangkok by exploring our guide to the top 5 dog cafes that every dog lover must visit.



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