The Korean news agency reports that V from BTS and Jennie from BLACKPINK ended their relationship before V enlisted in the military on December 11.

The two global artists, V and Jennie, started their romantic relationship last summer. They shared their beautiful love publicly and gained global recognition. However, after a photo of them vacationing together in a car on Jeju Island was leaked by an online user, their private moments became public. Despite facing the consequences of their private photos being taken without consent and circulated online, it served as evidence confirming their affection for each other.

Additionally, last year, Jennie invited V to BLACKPINK’s Private Listening Party to celebrate their second full album release. In May, the idols celebrated their first anniversary by dating in Paris, France, amidst a crowd, showing affection by holding hands without hiding their identities.

While their respective agencies haven’t officially confirmed their relationship, fans worldwide have been aware of their positive feelings for each other as a couple.


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Information sourced from Naver

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