Step into the heart of Tokyo’s culinary delight without ever leaving Bangkok. Picture this: nestled amid the city’s hustle and bustle, a myriad of hidden izakayas beckon with their warm glow, inviting you on a flavorful quest. Here, your senses will dance to the sizzle of charcoal-grilled skewers and the satisfying crunch of expertly fried cutlets. These intimate bistros, each with their own story, offer a feast for the soul as much as for the palette. Surrender to the rustic notes of dark timbered decor, the symphony of toasts with newfound friends, and the echoes of a retro era that these cherished haunts revive. Prepare to savor every moment, for this tantalizing tour through Bangkok’s izakaya scene is about to begin.

Top 7 Izakaya places in Bangkok

Hanakaruta: A Sophisticated Tapestry of Flavors

In the cultivated retreat of Hanakaruta, discerning patrons bid farewell to the clamor of daily life and embrace an environment where exquisite cocktails and fresh sashimi grace the table. Behind a commanding wall of liquor, delight emerges from meticulously arranged mezzanine-height shelves. The menu caters to the thoughtful imbibers, offering small yet piquant and crispy selections masterfully crafted to complement the extensive spirit collection, including the notably harmonious apple martini and the establishment’s renowned pizza.

  • Service hours: 6 PM – 2 AM
  • Google Maps: Hanakaruta

Jidori Cuisine Ken: A True Culinary Epiphany

At Jidori Cuisine Ken, an homage to authentic Tokyo taverns wait to enchant those who appreciate epicurean pleasures. Here, culinary artists serve charcoal-grilled chicken skewers that balance a crispy exterior with succulent interiors. Before indulging, let the ambiance envelop you—a testament to heartfelt service and exquisite presentation that elevates the diner’s experience.

Katsu Shin: A Cozy Fusion of Battered Delights

Katsu Shin specializes in transforming simple ingredients into battered masterpieces, including the flagship tonkatsu or an array of sumptuous alternatives. The restaurant’s intimate dark wood and subdued lighting craft an inviting space, perfectly suited for either a swift midday nourishment or a languorous evening of libations. Delight in a range of offerings, from whisky concoctions to the chilled allure of draft Asahi.

  • Service hours: Mondays to Saturdays 11 AM – 2 PM, 6 PM – 10 PM / Sundays 11 AM – 2:30 PM
  • Google Maps: Katsu Shin

Teriyaki Bar Kelly’s : A Graceful Nod to Nostalgia

Named in honor of the iconic Teriyaki Bar Kelly’s, this izakaya brings an array of comforting classics to the forefront. The owner’s Nagoya roots infuse the menu with a unique twist, while the drink selection illuminates with vibrant cocktail options. Fifties flair infuses the atmosphere, offering a cheerful departure from the typical tavern setting, complete with a tempting bottomless drink offer.

Kenshin Izakaya: A Visually Enchanting Experience

Kenshin Izakaya delights the senses, presenting an environment ripe for social media with its playful decor of bamboo walls and glowing lanterns. Indulge in an assortment of sushi, yakitori, and tempura, enhanced by a lavender or tomato-flavored beer. The effervescence of the crowd, emboldened by Asahi’s favorable pricing, enlivens the ambiance as night falls.

Nihon Saiseisakaba: A Charcoal-Grilled Phenomenon

Spanning across Asia, this izakaya reveres the art of motsuyaki, with skewered delights sizzling over binchotan charcoal. Sample an array of meats, each enlivened by either a sprinkle of salt or a savory tare sauce, at a pleasing starting point price-wise. Non-meat eaters will also find gratifying options amidst this collection of flavors.

Okinawa Kinjo: An Adventure in Okinawa Delicacies

Those who yearn for a dining escapade needn’t look further than Okinawa Kinjo. This modest establishment invites the adventurous to explore the nuanced flavors of Okinawa cuisine, from classic gyoza to more adventurous textures incorporating tofu and fermented delights. Let the flow of Asahi accompany this enriching cultural journey.

  • Service hours: Weekdays 11 AM – 3 PM, 5 PM – 12 AM / Weekends 10  AM – 12 AM
  • Google Maps: Okinawa Kinjo

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