As the season for merriment and jubilation dawns upon us, with Christmas cheer still lingering and the anticipatory excitement for the forthcoming New Year in the air, it beckons the discerning connoisseur to explore the enchanting rooftop bars scattered across the illustrious cityscape of Bangkok. These havens of repose offer a splendid amalgamation of exquisite wines, sumptuous culinary delights, and a romantic milieu under the stars, culminating in an experience of par excellence. I invite you to peruse the curated selection below and meticulously chart your urban odyssey.

Best Rooftop Bar in Bangkok

Vertigo and Moon Bar Rooftop

Photo: Vertigo and Moon Bar Rooftop (Website)

Embark upon your rooftop sojourn with Vertigo & Moon Bar. Nestled in the bustling metropolis, this venue boasts an impressive array of cross-cultural gastronomic offerings. As twilight descends, it blossoms into a cherished assembly for locals and wanderers alike. The vibrant energy here fuses urban allure with the tranquility of the evening zephyr, complemented by a tapestry of savory fare. The addition of live melodies harmonizes the milieu, crafting a convivial setting for fellowship and camaraderie.

lebua No.3

Photo: lebua No.3 (Website)

Ascend to the precipitous heights of lebua No.3, perched elegantly on the 52nd floor and proclaimed as the globe’s loftiest concoction emporium. Here, the atmosphere drips with contemporary opulence, adorned in a meticulously selected palette of black, gold, and red to echo the splendor of lebua Hotels & Resorts.

  • Service hours: 5 PM – 12 AM
  • Google Maps: lebua No.3

Tichuca Rooftop Bar

Photo: Tichuca Rooftop Bar (Facebook)

Immerse yourself in the whimsical allure of Tichuca Rooftop Bar, which shatters the conventional rooftop paradigm. Its Mood & Tone décor transports you to a Hawaiian oasis in the sky. Stationed in the T-One Building’s soaring heights, it grants you the gift of a 360-degree vista of Bangkok’s tapestry. This locale is the quintessence of photographic splendor, buoyant ambiance, and the ideal backdrop for ushering in the New Year.

Vanilla Sky Rooftop

Photo: Vanilla Sky (Facebook)

At the pinnacle of SKYVIEW Hotel Bangkok lies Vanilla Sky, where the glamour of twilight heralds a breathtaking panorama. This establishment presents an eclectic medley of libations to captivate your palate, while its avant-garde aesthetic guarantees an unobstructed sweep of the horizon, ensuring indelible celebratory moments.

Up & Above Restaurant and Bar

Photo: The Okura Prestige Bangkok (Facebook)

For those who favor a serene retreat coupled with a panoramic tableau, Up & Above Restaurant and Bar emerges as an exemplary choice. It transcends evening allure, offering a midday buffet featuring international gastronomy. The alfresco area, bathed in gentle illumination and scenic vistas, promises an encounter filled with culinary pleasure and visual delight.

Yao Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

Photo: Yao Restaurant & Rooftop Bar (Facebook)

Congregate with esteemed companions at Yao Rooftop Bar, where the ethos of Chinese tradition melds seamlessly with sleek contemporary design. Situated atop Marriott Surawongse, this retreat affords you a tranquil sanctuary to bask in the majestic panorama of the Chao Phraya River.

Eagle Nest Bar

rooftop bar bangkok
Photo: Sala Arun Bangkok (Facebook)

We turn our gaze toward the venerated confines of the Eagle Nest Bar, set within the Sala Arun Hotel. Here, one can indulge in a melange of Thai and global flavors, bolstered by an eclectic mix of beverages. This rooftop domain delivers an omnipotent bouquet of fine dining, a delightful exterior nook, and the coveted spectacle of the sunset’s ballet. Embrace its romantic essence with open arms.

  • Service hours: Weekdays 4 PM – 11 PM, Weekends 4 PM – 12 AM
  • Google Maps: Eagle Nest Bar

These rooftop sanctuaries are beacons of conviviality and resplendence, each beckoning with its unique charm. Whether your heart yearns for urban panoramas, serene riverscapes, or an island-inspired refuge, Bangkok’s rooftops ensure an unforgettable festivity. Raise your glasses high and toast to an exceptional rooftop soiree amidst the pulsating heart of this effervescent city.

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