Take a gastronomic journey to the streets of Bangkok and experience the indulgence of an authentic Thai dessert – Mango Sticky Rice. As the summer sun sizzles outside, landscape engrossed with moisture of longing in search of a cold refuge, there is one oasis of sweetness beckoning to soothe the inner turmoil- Mango Sticky Rice. But amidst the myriad of these eateries, only a select few that bestow upon their patrons with a manifestation of Mango Sticky Rice truly transcendent as a result of all the other elements blending together in perfect harmony. Permit me the privilege to guide your path toward the most resplendent dwellings of this heavenly concoction, guaranteeing a gustatory encounter second to none.

Best 5 Mango Dessert Places in Bangkok

Cho Sornkaews

mango desserts bangkok
Photo: ร้าน ช.ศรแก้ว (Facebook)

Nestled along the thoroughfares of Chatuchak, Ch. Sornkaew makes her own Mango Sticky Rice as colorful to the eyes as it is to the taste. And besides to get a chance to sample a wonderful taste of this tropical delicacy, then you can have another chance to taste the wonderful Jackfruit Sticky Rice here. Their ambrosial choices speaks both of quality and affordability. To everyone within the vicinity of Ladprao, Ch Sornkaew calls in as a must-try.

Mae Suri Coconut Sticky Rice

Photo: ข้าวเหนียวมูล แม่สุรี (Facebook)

One of the hidden gems that can be found, if plunging deep into the heart of Huai Khwang district, is a secretly treasured Mae Suri Coconut Sticky Rice – Mango Sticky Rice filled with fragrantly sweet and coconut milky-creaminess. Placed not too far away from the vibrant market, this teasing aroma of the dessert is an incomprehensible anticipation for the bliss it brings.


Photo: มูนละมุน ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง Moonlamun Mango Sticky Rice (Facebook)

As we continue our exploration, we discover Moonlamun, offering its Mango mango-sticky rice, lushly scented. Here, tender stickiness of the rice cradles the mango’s sun-kissed sweetness, all draped in a drizzle of subtly salted coconut cream—each element gelling into something heavenly doused with Thai culinary heritage.

  • Service hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
  • Google Maps: Moonlamun

Mango Tango

mango desserts bangkok
Photo: MangoTango (Facebook)

Amid soaring temperatures, it becomes essential to treat oneself to moments of pure delight. MangoTango, an esteemed sanctuary for desserts and beverages, awaits your presence to offer an escape where the allure of sweetness knows no bounds. That is why, Mango Kiwi Strawberry Combo is in fact a symphony of flavors to take on with fervent advocacy. Just think of those best mangoes laid finely in rows all lined up together with invigorating kiwi slices as well as succulent slice strawberries all delicately floating in a pool of mango-enriched essence. This concoction is put in the middle of this vibrant spread that the chambers of dragon fruit make, with pieces of garnishing mangoes and longan, luscious watermelons and strawberries. Such a creation is chiseled as an essential to help combat the heat fervor. This is a meeting you surely cannot miss in case you are a mango devotee.

  • Service hours: 11:30 AM – 10 PM
  • Google Maps: Mango Tango

Make Me Mango

mango desserts bangkok
Photo: Make Me Mango – Mango Cafe (Facebook)

In the illustrious precincts of Phra Nakhon, across the venerable Wat Pho, stands the cheerful abode of Make Me Mango. Within this café, adorned in luminous shades of yellow and set upon walls that have carried the weight of over four decades, an ebullient with passion for mangos marks. Trips to Make Me Mango reward the epicure with Mango Sticky Rice that is as much a treat for the soul as it is for the taste buds, complimented by an ambiance replete with historical charm.

I am most enthusiastic to stand before you, with this compendium as your guide, and invite you to really indulge in the pursuit of the Mango Sticky Rice experience par excellence in Bangkok. Here, each spoonful should be a symphony of flavors, a cherished reprieve amidst the relentless caress of the summer’s warmth. Find an exciting day in Bangkok by checking out our guide to the top 5 dog cafes that every dog lover should check out.


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