Embark on an exquisite gustatory journey through the bustling city of Bangkok and allow your senses to feast upon the quintessential Thai dessert—Mango Sticky Rice. As the sweltering summer sun envelopes the landscape, the desire for this sweet indulgence intensifies. Yet amidst the myriad of eateries, only a select few bestow upon their patrons a manifestation of Mango Sticky Rice that truly transcends the ordinary. Permit me the honor of illuminating your path to the most esteemed havens of this delectable dessert, ensuring a culinary experience of the highest distinction.

Best 5 Mango Dessert Places in Bangkok

Cho Sornkaews

mango desserts bangkok
Photo: ร้าน ช.ศรแก้ว (Facebook)

Situated amid the animated environs of Chatuchak, Ch. Sornkaew crafts a Mango Sticky Rice that captivates both the palate and the eyes with its resplendent hues. Here, you shall encounter not only the divine taste of this tropical treat but also the sublime Jackfruit Sticky Rice. Their ambrosial creations whisper of premium quality and affordability. For those traversing the vicinity of Ladprao, Ch. Sornkaew beckons as a veritable destination of choice.

Mae Suri Coconut Sticky Rice

Photo: ข้าวเหนียวมูล แม่สุรี (Facebook)

Venture into the heart of the Huai Khwang district and discover Mae Suri Coconut Sticky Rice, a hidden treasure that presents Mango Sticky Rice steeped in aromatic coconut milk’s sweetness, fragrance, and creaminess. Nestled near the animated marketplace, the allure of this dessert’s beguiling aroma is an unmistakable prelude to the joy it bestows upon the first sampling.


Photo: มูนละมุน ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง Moonlamun Mango Sticky Rice (Facebook)

As our exploration continues, we encounter Moonlamun, an establishment that infuses its Mango mango-sticky rice with an aromatic allure. Here, the tender stickiness of the rice embraces the mango’s sun-kissed sweetness, all enrobed in a drizzle of subtly salted coconut cream—each component uniting to create a celestial blend steeped in the richness of Thai culinary heritage.

  • Service hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
  • Google Maps: Moonlamun

Mango Tango

mango desserts bangkok
Photo: MangoTango (Facebook)

Amid soaring temperatures, it becomes essential to treat oneself to moments of pure delight. MangoTango, an esteemed sanctuary for desserts and beverages, awaits your presence to offer an escape where the allure of sweetness knows no bounds. As a fervent advocacy, the Mango Kiwi Strawberry Combo is a symphony of flavors not to be missed. Imagine the finest mangoes aligned with invigorating kiwi slices and succulent strawberries, all delicately floating in a pool of mango-enriched essence. This concoction is gracefully served within the vibrant chambers of dragon fruit, garnished with an array of mango pieces, longan, luscious watermelon, and strawberries. Such a creation is crafted as the quintessential remedy to combat the fervor of the heat. Devotees of mango, this is a rendezvous you simply cannot concede.

  • Service hours: 11:30 AM – 10 PM
  • Google Maps: Mango Tango

Make Me Mango

mango desserts bangkok
Photo: Make Me Mango – Mango Cafe (Facebook)

In the illustrious precincts of Phra Nakhon, across the venerable Wat Pho, stands the cheerful abode of Make Me Mango. Within this café, adorned in luminous shades of yellow and set within walls that carry the weight of over four decades, an ebullient passion for mangos manifests. A visit to Make Me Mango rewards the epicure with Mango Sticky Rice which is as much a treat for the soul as it is for the taste buds, complimented by an ambiance replete with historical charm.

With this compendium as your guide, I fervently encourage you to immerse yourself in the pursuit of the consummate Mango Sticky Rice experience in Bangkok. Let each spoonful be a symphony of flavor, a cherished reprieve amid the relentless caress of the summer’s warmth. Discover an exciting day in Bangkok by exploring our guide to the top 5 dog cafes that every dog lover must visit.